Acqua piscina termale

Thermal Treatments

They take place at the Continental Terme spa with free transfer.

The thermal water has made the name of Ischia famous all over the world and represents the island’s most particular attraction.
The Greeks and Romans already knew the therapeutic power of these waters and the treatments that derive from them. There are springs in almost all the places on the island.

The waters used in the treatments, whose therapeutic properties are recognized by the ministry of health, come from the “Tifeo” spring, found in the area at a depth of about 39 meters with a temperature between 55 and 72 ° C.
The water of this source can be classified as hyperthermal, salty-alkaline-earthy (it mainly contains sodium, chlorine, calcium and magnesium), for which the general activating action of the turnover for the stimulus provided to the endocrine-sympathetic system and for the local stimulating action , anti-inflammatory and resolving, finds a vast field of use in therapy.

It is used in fact by rheumatology, orthopedics and traumatology in the treatment of primary and secondary chronic polyarthritis, arthrosis, spondylosis, neuralgia, radiculitis, neuritis due to osteoarthritis, myalgia, myositis, after-effects of fractures and traumatic injuries; from otolaryngology for the treatment of rhinitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, laryngitis and chronic tracheo-bronchitis and finally from general medicine to restore eudermia in the aging and hypotonic processes of the skin.


    • Medical examination for admission
    • 45€
    • Specialist medical examination
    • 100€

Spa treatments

    • Mud and thermal shower
    • 25€
    • Thermal bath
    • 16€
    • Mud and thermal bath
    • 35€
    • Ozone supplement
    • 7€
    • Pool whirlpool with ozone
    • 22€
    • Inhalation or Aerosol
    • 16€
    • Endotympanic insufflations
    • 27€
    • Connective massage
    • 20 min. 30€
    • Nasal shower
    • 16€
    • Total massage
    • 20 min. 35€
    • Therapeutic massage
    • 40 min. 45€
    • Foot reflexology massage
    • 30€
    • Energy biomassage
    • 45€
    • Total massage with mud
    • 50€
    • Hamman massage
    • 50€
    • Bathrobe
    • 13€
    • Pool towel
    • 2€